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D May 2005     H 15:25     A Sébastien Canévet     C 0 messages

Being the new owner of « BPJ 830 », a TW34-10, for few weeks, I’ve just joined the club and I am writing few words about an interesting document : a sale leaflet published in french by the BSA facory to sale trikes in France.

It’s a short leaflet of four pages, perfectly translated in french and printed in England. No publishing date, but the document bears the number C 1804-5. May I deduct it was published after the English sale leaflet C 1777-5, dated June 1930 and before the « four cylinder model leaflet » C 1987-25, dated September 1933 ?

Only two cars are for sale in this leaflet : the TW1 « Modèle de luxe » and the TW2 « modèle sport ». The TW1 is a two seater, with fabric body, a flat screen and a soft hood. The TW2 is also a two seater with fabric body but with a split screen and without any hood. The two cars have the V twin engine.

The cars were for sale in an « agence B.S.A. 10 rue des Acacias, Paris (17e). Today, nothing about cars at number 10, there is a restaurant, but at number 48, is the Ferrari Showroom. This adress is only at few yards from « Place de l’Etoile Arc de Triomphe». Between the thirties and the sixties, it was a Parisian district highly involved in the coachbuilding and the selling of fine cars. For example, Jacques Savoye, a famous sport man and salesman of British cars (Singer, Morgan and now Rolls Royce, Bentley, TVR) has his showroon in a neighbouring street, rue Brunel, and the showroom is still there.

Words published in the May 2005 issue of "Front Wheels", the bulletin of the BSA Front Wheel Drive Club


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